This Blog..

Today's Child  Do you ever wish your child came with an Instruction Manual? 

Or may be a dictionary which would at least have a concise list of terms related to Childhood-Learning-Parenting and the likes??

Do you often look for answers to questions like, ‘What influences children’s development?’ or ‘How is childhood changing?’ or ‘ What are key aspects of learning?’
Just when you thought parenting meant to be a Dad/Mom, did you wonder what does ‘helicopter parent’ or ‘Snowplough parent’ mean??

As an Early Childhood Academician, every day I come across new terminologies related to the phenomenal world of Children and often ponder, what a Herculean task it would be to put it all down in one place. Pondering Thoughts is all about what I keep discovering while I explore the astounding realms of Childhood. So next time, you wish there was a manual or dictionary of a term(Child Development-Learning-Parenting-Psychology), browse through this blog and if it is still not listed, pen few lines to me and together we will explore.



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